Court Report Template

Instructions for Completing Court Reports

Background Information

Briefly state why the child came into care: Create a snapshot of the charges and conditions, including dates and charges from petition. All details of the child’s removal are not necessary; they should have been addressed in previous court reports. It is not necessary to duplicate information previously given to the court. If there has been previous Children’s Division involvement, please indicate.

Current Situation of Parents

Mom: Has the mother been following her Case Plan and how is she progressing? (i.e., information pertaining to the mother as it relates to her relationship to the child(ren); observations of the interactions/visitations with the mother and the child (ren), the status of her mental health, drug/alcohol, finances, housing, employment and other issues).
Dad: see above
Other: Update on anyone who has a WSA (Written Service Agreement) such as a step-parent, relative/kinship provider
Family Supports and Strengths. Report any family supports and strengths.

Current Situation of Child

Current Placement: State the child/children’s current placement (and relationship to child), as of date, who is present in the home. Give a snapshot in words of how the child is doing in the home and if placed with siblings.
Psychological Conditions: Give a snapshot of the child’s current emotional/behavior condition.
Medical/Dental Conditions: List date of last checkup, any scheduled appointments. Include any diagnosis given and by whom.
Developmental Condition: Are there any concerns regarding the child’s development concerns being addressed? The psychological/medical/developmental needs of the child are being appropriately addressed. If no, why? Are there any professional recommendations that are not being enforced or do you think any professional assessments need to be scheduled?
Educational Information: State where the child attends school, pre-school or childcare and their performance. Included dates of when child entered school and any observations or reports from school. Note any changes, positive or negative. The educational needs of the child are being appropriately addressed. If no, why?
State your observations of the Child-include dates of contact:
Date: location, who present, observations (behaviors not your opinion)
Date of next visit: observation
Visit Summary: Total number of visits made by the Volunteer since the last court hearing, and the total number of hours spent with the child(ren).
Wishes of the Child (if known): List either exactly what child has said or behaviors exhibited; include date.

Permanency Plan and Concurrent Permanency Plan

Barriers to Reunification/Permanency: What are the safety concerns based on substantive offenses in the petition that need to be rectified?

CASA Concerns and/or Questions

List the concern first then state why you are concerned or include other info related to the concern.

CASA Recommendations to Protect and Promote the Best Interests of the Child

Always ask yourself why you are making the recommendation and cite the facts and observations that lead to/support your recommendation.

NOTE: This Court Report is due to the CASA Office ( the Wednesday before the Wednesday Court Date. The CASA Office will forward the report to Judge Jon Beetem and notify you via email. After you are notified by the CASA Office, send your report to your FST.

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