Volunteer Advocacy

Our core program provides trained community volunteers to advocate in court on behalf of abused and neglected children in Cole County. We recruit, train and support our volunteer advocates to provide them with the resources they need to effectively speak for the children they represent. Our volunteer advocates are sworn in by Cole County's Juvenile Court Judge and work with their assigned child's foster parents, family, teachers, social workers, lawyers, doctors, counselors and others to provide an informed recommendation to the Juvenile Court Judge about what is in the child's best interest. At any given time, Capital City CASA advocates for more than 100 children in our community, providing them with a consistent and compassionate face as they go through the foster care system.   

Court Room Therapy Dog

To appear in court as others decide your future for you is intimidating and overwhelming. Our therapy dog program provides a trained canine to give Cole County's foster children a sense of calm and safety in the court room. Our dog, Olive, was a rescue dog who appears in court every Juvenile Court day and in other proceedings involving foster youth. Olive is well-behaved, loving and calm, encouraging a feeling of security for traumatized children in our community. Over the past two years Olive has provided dozens of foster youth a friend in the court room.


CASA Angel Fund

Foster children are often denied the opportunities and resources that other children receive. Our Angel Fund was created to fulfill the needs of foster children by providing access to tutors, sporting opportunities, therapies, and other items and services when other resources are insufficient.