Meet the Staff


Gina Clement, Executive Director

Gina’s passion is being able to find a child a loving and stable home. She joined CASA two years ago, and as executive director is responsible for daily operations, policy and advocacy. Prior to joining CASA, she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and was both a substitute teacher and stay-at-home mom. In her free time, she enjoys running.


Jane Berry, Advocate Coordinator - Education Advocacy Specialist

Jane says the best part of working at Capital City CASA is seeing firsthand the positive results of fierce, focused advocacy on the lives of our CASA kids. After four years of serving CASA, she is inspired daily by the heart and soul advocates bring to the cause.  As the staff education specialist, she helps inform volunteers about kid’s educational opportunities, advocates for student and parent educational engagement and attainment, and supports CASA volunteer training and education. Jane is a native of Jefferson City who enjoys books, music, movies and spending time with her family. Before joining CASA, she earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Missouri and served as a teacher and reading specialist with the Jefferson City Public Schools.


Lori Hodges, Advocate Coordinator

As an advocate coordinator, Lori says a good day is a day when something she did for or said to a CASA helps them help their child. In addition to helping advocates tackle paperwork, work with agencies and connect kids with resources, she works with other staff to improve the organization and recruit new advocates for mid-Missouri kids. Families are important to Lori. She was born in Bavazi, Iran to camel-riding caravan travelers. She spent her first five years of life in an orphanage before being adopted by a family in Illinois. Before joining the CASA staff two years ago, Lori was employed for 17 years as a ministry assistant at First Baptist Church in Jefferson City. She has served as a CASA volunteer for eight years.


Alex LeCure, Advocate Coordinator/Financial Coordinator

Alex says one of the most important parts of his role as both a member of the staff and as a CASA advocate is to demonstrate to children in the system that they are worth fighting for. He joined CASA as an advocate in November 2015 and joined the CASA staff in January 2018. As a member of the team, he supports the financial operations through accounting and fundraising, and works to troubleshoot CASA volunteers’ problems on cases and communicate with agencies and service providers to overcome challenges. Prior to joining the CASA team, Alex earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and worked as a securities broker at K.W. Chambers & Co. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, reading, and kayaking.


Nikki Hazelton, Advocate Coordinator - Teen Specialist

As a coordinator with a focus on teens, Nikki assists CASAs with questions about their cases and develops tools to help them have maximum impact with older children. She’s passionate about keeping teens with families and out of institutions. A member of the CASA team for a year, she previously served as a caseworker at the Children’s Division and as an officer with the Holts Summit Police Department. Nikki earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology. She enjoys crafts and spending time with her son in her free time. She says her most rewarding experience was hearing that a CASA volunteer had received a call on his birthday thanking him for being the first positive male role model in the child’s life.


Mary Winter, President
Kelly Jackson, Vice President
Mike Prenger, Treasurer
Vicki Myers, Secretary
Bill Deeken, Member
Mike Ryno, Member
Sam Roedel, Member
Lee Wilbers, Member
Rod Dolph, Member
Jayne Dunkmann, Member
Kim Marshall, Member
Pam Gentry, Member
Miranda Fredrick, Member
Elizabeth Sheehan, Member
Eric Wilde, Member
Melva Dean Lipsey, Ex-Offcio
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